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AGENDA: Public and school library cooperation for quality learning in Italy (26/04/2021 AIB Youtube)

Monday, April 26 (09:00-13:00 Rome Time Zone – Language: English)

@AIB YouTube Channel:

Public and school library cooperation for quality learning in Italy

Professional conference with the AIB (Associazione italiana biblioteche – Italian Library Association)

and its branches: CNBS  – CNBR – GLIT – FVG

In loving memory of Antonella Biscetti

(Portrait by M. R .Bignamini, Aug. 2020)
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09:00-09:30  Welcome

Luisa Marquardt (Roma Tre University and AIB CNBS Chair)

Valérie Glass (Cité Scolaire Internationale de Lyon and IFLA SLS Chair)

Albert Boekhorst (University of Pretoria and IASL Vicepresident)

1st Session: Public libraries and school libraries in dialogue

09:30-10:00 The “Distributed Library” Project – Simonetta Pasqualis (Trieste University and AIB FVG)

10:00-10:30 “Biblioteca Sala Borsa” Virtual Tour – Enrica Menarbin (Biblioteca Sala Borsa Ragazzi)

10:30-11:00 Public Libraries & School Libraries towards a Long Lasting Alliance – Maria                                           Spanovangelis (“BiblioSuvich” and AIB FVG Gruppo di studio sulla cooperazione)

2nd Reading and Information Literacy: Education and Research

11:00-11:20 AIB Information Literacy Group – Sandra Migliore (AIB GLIT)

11:20-11:40 Take a walk in the third space: librarians and teachers facing Information Literacy together – Matilde Fontanin (AIB Professional Development Monitor)

11:40-12:00 Reading Motivation, Beatrice Eleuteri (Università degli Studi Roma Tre and AIB CNBS)

3rd Session: Innovative Reading and Learning Spaces

12:00-12:10 The New Spaces of the “Magna Capitana” Children’s Library, Foggia Apulia (Italy) – Milena Tancredi (Head of “Biblioteca La Magna Capitana”, Foggia and AIB CEN/Executive Board)

12:10-12:30 Overview on innovative spaces in Italian school libraries – Luisa Marquardt (Roma Tre University and AIB CNBS)

12:30-12:45 Schooling in the library:

  • “A. Malanga” School Library – Mario Priore (Bella Comprehensive School and AIB CNBS)
  • “Massimo D’Azeglio” Grammar School, Turin
  • “Leone Ginzburg” School Library – Chiara, student (“Massimo D’Azeglio” Grammar School, Turin)

12:45-13:00 Discussion and closing remarks.


Monday, April 26 (18:00-19:00 Rome Time Zone – Language: Italian with summaries in English)

@AIB YouTube Channel:

L’alleanza tra l’AIB e le biblioteche scolastiche: prospettive e aspettative.

The alliance between the AIB and school libraries: perspectives and expectations.

Tavola rotonda dell’AIB FVG

con la Commissione Nazionale AIB Biblioteche Scolastiche, con il Gruppo di studio AIB sull’Information Literacy, il Coordinamento delle reti di biblioteche scolastiche e il Gruppo di Studio AIB FVG sulle biblioteche scolastiche

Round-table by AIB FVG

with the AIB CNBS (School Libraries Standing Committee), AIB GLIT (Study Group on Information Literacy), CRBS (Coordination of School Library Networks) and AIB FVG GSBS (Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region – Study Group on School Libraries)


Saluti introduttivi / Welcome and introduction

Elisa Callegari (AIB FVG President)

Valérie Glass (IFLA School Libraries Section Chair)

Katy Manck (IASL President)

Relatori / Speakers

                Tiziana Cerrato (CRBS)

                Giannina Degano (AIB FVG GSBS Chair)

                Luisa Marquardt (AIB CNBS)

                Sandra Migliore (AIB GLIT)

Coordinamento / Chair

                Patrizia Lùperi (AIB Board Member – Education and Training Sector)

Special thanks to Giovanni Bergamin, Anna Vanzetti and the AIB Streamyard Group

Meeting Convenor: Luisa Marquardt ( /

AGENDA: IFLA School Libraries Midyear Meeting (25/04 e 02/05/2021 @Teams)

IFLA School Libraries Section Midyear Meeting

(IFLA School Libraries Section Logo)

25th – 26th of April and 2nd of May 2021

Sunday, April 25 (16:00-18:00 Rome time – Language: English)

IFLA School Libraries Standing Committee 1st Business Meeting (@MS Teams)

AGENDA / Ordine del giorno

  1. Welcome (members in attendance) / Saluti
  2. Adoption of the agenda / OdG
  3. Minutes of the last online meeting (September 2021) / Verbale dell’ultima riunione online
  4. IFLA elections : follow up / Elezioni IFLA: esiti
  5. Update from IFLA HeadQuarters / Aggiornamento dall’IFLA
  6. WLIC 2021 : call for papers / IFLA WLIC
  7. School Libraries Manifesto : follow up / Manifesto per le biblioteche scolastiche
  8. IFLA/IASL collaboration (Melissa) / Collaborazione IFLA/IASL
  9. Action Plan 2020/2021 : follow up / Piano di azione 2020/2021: esiti
  10. Varia / Varie ed eventuali

Guests and observers are welcome upon request: mail to by 11 a.m. (Rome time) of Sun., April 25

Ospiti e osservatori esterni sono benvenuti previa richiesta all’indirizzo (entro le ore 11 a.m. del 25/04/2021).

Sunday, May 2

16:00 – 18:00 :  2nd IFLA School Libraries Standing Committee Business Meeting (@MS Teams)

Guests are welcome upon request: mail to by 11 a.m. (Rome time) of Sat., May 1st.

The programme includes a professional conference to be held online, in collaboration with the Italian Library Association (AIB) on April 26 on Public and school library cooperation in Italy for quality learning.