Varie cose sull’e-reading

Vi abbiamo anticipato di avere trovato molto edificante e istruttiva la lettura di The Super Book of Web tools for Educators. Nella ricchissima miniera di spunti offerti abbiamo selezionato qualche spunto per voi ovvero siti e utilities che hanno a che fare con il tema libro-lettura.

Piccolo elenco (i credits li sapete già):

Kerpoof is a necessity in any elementaryclassroom. This free online creativity center lets students create theirown pictures, drawings, storybooks, movies, and practice spelling. TheKerpoof studio provides students with scenes, characters, and props.Students can use these tools to create pictures, stories, or movies thatthey can write and direct. These can be saved directly to the Kerpoof website or downloaded as ajpeg file to student computers.

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Story bird is a fun collaborative storytellingwebsite. Storybird makes it easy to create and tell stories digitally. Studentsand teachers can create stories together by combining imaginative artworkand text. The final product can be printed, watched on screen, played withlike a toy, or share in an online library with the world. Storybird “promotesimagination, literacy, and self-confidence.”

Il loro canale su Vimeo

Creaza ( a suite of web-based creativity tools. Thereare four tools in the Creaza toolbox that will help your students organizeknowledge and tell stories in new creative ways. Mindomo is the mindmapping tool. Students can use this tool to organize thoughts, ideas,links, and other information visually. Mindomo is the perfect tool forexploring new material, looking at connections, and organizing thoughtsfor further development. The mind map topics can contain media files,links, and text.Cartoonist is a cartooning tool that students can use to create multimedia stories.Cartoonist can be used to create comic strips or more personal digital narratives. The finishedproduct can be viewed online or printed out.Movie Editor helps students produce their own movies based on Creaza’s thematicuniverses, video, images, and sound clips. Students can use the Movie Editor to edit a shortfilm, create a news cast, a commercial, a film trailer, etc. Movie editor can import film clips,sound clips, and images to tell a story.Audio Editor is the final tool in Creaza’s creative suite. Audio Editor is a tool that allowsyour students to produce audio clips. Students can use Audio Editor to splice together theirown newscasts, radio commercials, radio interlude, etc.Creaza allows your students to display learning creatively.

Easy Bib is a powerful and very useful toolthat helps students (and teachers) properly cite in MLAand APA formats for formal reports. This site even allowsyou to enter a book’s ISBN number and then automatically fillsin the information for you. It can print the information out, export it to a WordDocument or PDF, and even email it to you.


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