Archivi del giorno: 1 ottobre 2008

Un grande successo: lo IASL School Librarianship Award a Luisa Marquardt

Luisa Marquardt

Luisa Marquardt

Ottobre è il mese dedicato alle biblioteche scolastiche (International School Library Month) , mese in cui  vengono annunciati i vincitori dello IASL School Librarianship Award.

Quest’anno tra i 4 premiati anche la nostra Luisa Marquardt (dal comunicato stampa):

Ms. Luisa Marquardt has been awarded the IASL School Librarianship Award for her service in the development of school libraries in Italy and Europe. Ms. Marquardt has been recognised for her significant achievements in the development of school libraries and the education of school librarians in Italy and Europe.

In announcing the award, IASL President James Henri noted that Luisa’s outstanding record of achievements have made a significant positive impact on school libraries.

Ms. Lourense Das from the Netherlands, commented that “Luisa Marquardt is a true leader in school librarianship in Italy and Europe. She is the initiator of many seminars, conferences and agreements between school library organisations and other library and community initiatives to advocate the school library as the key player in the education of children and youngsters. She takes part in Italian, International and European initiatives to disseminate information and strengthen the role of school libraries in the community. Luisa is continuously working for school libraries and school librarians.”

A Luisa i complimenti di tutte noi.