Riapriamo il dibattito sulla next generation

L’autorevole Washington Post riapre il dibattito sulla next generation. Cosa viene dopo la Generazione X? (: What Comes Next After Generation X?)

Questo il titolo dell’articolo in cuji il giornalista Ian Shapira si interroga su questa generazione che non si identifica in nessuna definizione, ma che presenta dei caratteri comuni, o forse no?

No doubt it has always been difficult for generations to accept labels and generalizations. But some in the post-X generation say their puzzlement over their collective identity is more pronounced because their formative experiences have been so splintered. Reared on rapid-fire Internet connections and cheap airline tickets and pressured to obtain multiple academic degrees, many of these young adults grew up with an array of options their parents or older siblings did not have.

“People resist labels more among the millennials because there’s more subcultures,” said Michael Connery, 30, author of the political book “Youth To Power.”

“It’s a fragmented culture in a way that it’s never been. You know how baby boomers ask, ‘Where’s the protest music?’ and lament the lack of youth activities? There is protest music, but it’s so broken up into niche audiences that it doesn’t gain as much traction.”

L’articolo è stato ripreso in Italia dal quotidiano Repubblica (Tutti web, mamma e iPod è la generazione senza nome / Paola Coppola)



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