Curiosità: un giretto su Amazon

Mentre curiosavamo alla ricerca di un testo su Amazon ci siamo imbattuti in una serie di libri per ragazzi (in inglese) che parlano del rapporto che i bambini hanno con le biblioteche.

E così, di serendipity in serendipity, abbiamo costruito questa lista che scientificamente non vuol dire nulla ma che ci ha fatto divertire un po’ …

Iniziamo con :

BUZZEO, T., & YOSHIKAWA, S. (2006). Our librarian won’t tell us anything! Fort Atkinson, Wis, Upstart Books.


Grade 2–5—Liberty Elementary School has a state-of-the-art library media center with a librarian who, allegedly, won’t tell the students anything. At least that’s the grim report that new student Robert receives from his classmate Carmen. When he meets Mrs. Skorupski-who wears tarantula earrings, rhinestone glasses, a bright red-and-gold shirt, and purple pants-he discovers that she is not quite as close-lipped as he’d been led to believe. While it’s true that she won’t place a book directly in his hand or find him a Web site, she patiently teaches him how to search an online catalog and how to access and select appropriate information by himself. In other words, she’s a perfect school librarian. Mrs. Skorupski enables Robert and his classmates to locate print and nonprint materials, take notes, keep track of sources, and demonstrate their learning in a multimedia product. This amusing story with bright, zippy illustrations can be used to launch research units. The accompanying “library lessons” pamphlet has useful forms, a self-assessment rubric, and additional information on multimedia formats including claymation films, podcasts, TV advertisements, and PowerPoint slide shows.—

Ci piace perchè: bisogna levarci di torno l’immagine del “bibliotecario-shhh!”

MORRIS, C. D., & SNEED, B. (2007). The boy who was raised by librarians. Atlanta, GA, Peachtree.


Recensione di Midwest Book Review’s

Written by children’s librarian Carla Morris, The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians is a joyful picturebook about Melvin, a young boy who grows up with three librarians as some of his most cherished friends – not only do they help him find information, but when he needs it the most, they help him find his motivation and achieve as much as he can. “In fourth grade, Melvin entered The Complete and Unabridged A-to-Z Spelling Bee. Marge suggested he read the 100th edition of ‘Words to Know’ every day after school. Not surprisingly, he won first place.” But when Melvin grows up and goes off to college, he has to leave the library and his friends behind – forever? Or not! He keeps in touch with his librarian friends through letters, and years later, new librarian comes to work – Melvin himself! The humorously exaggerated yet playful color illustrations add the perfect touch to this warmhearted and upbeat children’s story.

Ci piace perchè: una biblioteca è per sempre, come un diamante! Lavoriamo perchè il primo incontro di un bambino con le biblioteche sia piacevole e lasci una sensazione meravigliosa che dura tutta la vita

TERRY, S., & WONG, N. (2006). “L” is for library. Fort Atkinson, Wis, Upstart Books.


Recensione di Midwest Book Review’s

Featuring charming illustrations by Nicole Wong, “L” Is For Library by Sonya Terry is an unusual alphabet book designed for children preschool through the second grade and has as the setting, a local community library. The “guide” is an orange tabby cat and children will follow the kitty through the whole A to Z alphabet, all within in the context of what boys and girls have commonly encountered in library visits of their own. “L” Is For Library fully engages young readers as they have fun throughout the learning process. “L” Is For Library is very highly recommended for all beginning and young readers interested in their library, as well as for parents, teachers, and librarians as effective and fun learning tool for their young charges.

Ci piace perchè: se la I è istrice perchè la B non può essere biblioteca?






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