Call for papers: All aboard at the School Library (Québec)


La prossima conferenza annuale Ifla si terrà ad agosto 2008 in Canada; nel 2009 sarà la volta di Milano, bibliotecari italiani iniziate a prepararvi!

Giriamo un call for papers della School Libraries and Resources Centres Section per la conferenza canadese, in collaborazione con Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section.

I dettagli continuando a leggere. Scadenza 1 Febbraio 2008 In Québec, Canada, 10-14 August 2008

At the 74th World Library and Information Congress under the theme “Libraries without borders: Navigating towards global understanding”

Session Title: All aboard at the School Library: Giving children the tools they need to navigate the future!

In order to optimise global sharing and learning at the 2008 IFLA
Conference, the School Libraries and Learning Resource Centres Section
and the Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section are
planning a session where we can showcase examples of best practice in
School Libraries and in the education of School Librarians which
facilitate diversity and awareness in our multicultural communities.

Children today are witness to constant changes in their environment, but
very rarely do they have a voice in the changes that affect them.
Schools and their libraries are often at the forefront of providing
information to help them understand the world and people around them.
Despite often having limited resources making sure that school libraries
provide equal access for all our clients is an imperative.

If your school has led the way with innovative, challenging and/or
successful solutions in providing a voice for and assistance to a
diverse clientele this is your opportunity to spread best practices
across the world. Tell us about it in Quebec.

Participants are asked to present visually enticing materials to engage
IFLA delegates and show best practices. Participants’ contributions
could include demonstrations of reading activities, story telling, the
provision and use of local language materials, training techniques,
reading promotion, theatre etc. that take place as part of a school
library or school community programme in different parts of the world.

You are invited to submit proposal in English for this session.

The following should be provided:
– name and institution of presenter(s)
– description of programme/project/research/campaign/storytellingsession etc. (1 page, up to 350 words)

– relevant biographical information of author(s)/presenter(s)

– kinds of materials to be presented
– equipment needed (table, board) – organisers will not be able to
supply computers or electronic equipment
– A maximum of 20 minutes will be allowed for the presentation of each
Send your proposals by February 1st, 2008 via e-mail to or library@shunsley.eril.netThe abstracts will be reviewed by the Review Committee and 4 proposals
will be selected. The RC will make every effort to have representation
from all continents. Diversity of language will be accepted but a simple
hand-out in one of the IFLA languages will be encouraged. Successful
proposals will be identified and announced by March 1st, 2008.All presenters will be listed in the final IFLA Programme. Therefore
they will be invited to prepare a full text of presentation of their
programme, by April 30th, 2008 to allow time for the review of papers
and preparation of translations; papers should be no longer than 20
Expenses:It is the presenters’ responsibility to find funding for their
participation (registration fee, travel, accommodation and associated
costs). IFLA, The libraries for children and young adults section are
not in a position to fund the attendance at the Conference.

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