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Una bella bibliografia commentata sulla Next(o Net?) Generation (o Millennials o…)

Next Generation Librarianship: Where Do We Go from Here?

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Next Generation Librarianship: Where Do We Go from Here?


Abram, Stephen and Judy Luther. “Born With the Chip.” Library Journal May 1 2004.

The authors talk about dealing with the “next generation;” people who have grown up with technology in a different way.


Bennis, Warren G. and Robert J. Thomas. Geeks & Geezers: How Era, Values, and Defining Moments Shape Leaders. Boston: HBS Press, 2002.

This article talks about the qualities of “geeks” and “geezers” — generally leaders under age 30 and over 70.


Berry, John N. III. “Memo to Baby Boomers.” Library Journal June 1 2004.

Library Journal’s John Berry talks to Baby Boomers about “learning to let go.”


Gordon, Rachel Singer. The NextGen Librarian’s Survival Guide. Medford, NJ: ITI, 2006.

Ms. Singer addresses both Millennial and GenX librarians and their managers/administrators, and provides strategies for surviving and working together effectively.


Houghton, Sarah. “Are You Sure You’re a Librarian?”

Ms. Houghton talks about people’s perceptions of her as a younger librarian.


Lancaster, Lynne C. “The Click and Clash of Generations.” Library Journal Oct. 15 2003.

Ms. Lancaster talks about the four generations currently working together in libraries and how to avoid conflict and reach across the generational divide.


Lancaster, Lynne C. and David Stillman. When Generations Collide: Who They Are, Why They Clash, How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work. New York: HarperBusiness, 2002.

The authors talk about the four generations currently in the workforce, about understanding the reasons for generational conflict in workplaces, and how to get past those conflicts.


Lynch, Mary Jo, Stephen Tordella, and Thomas Godfrey. “Recruitment and Retirement, a Deeper Look.” Chicago: ALA, 2005.

The authors update older reports with 2000 Census statistics on librarians.

Newhouse, Ria and April Spisak. “Fixing the First Job.” Library Journal Aug. 15 2004.

Newhouse and Spisak surveyed a number of new librarians and report on their experiences in their first job and desires from their employers.


NextGen.” Library Journal. 2004-

Library Journal’s monthly “NextGen” column reflects a variety of viewpoints and topics.


Steffen, Nicolle, et al. Retirement, Retention, and Recruitment: The Future of Librarianship in Colorado. Denver, CO: Library Research Service, Sept. 2004.

Although Colorado-specific, the authors provide an interesting in-depth look at the truth behind the recruitment and retirement hype.


Sweeney, Richard T. “Reinventing Library Buildings and Services for the Millennial Generation.” Library Administration & Management V. 19 (4), Fall 2005 pp. 165-176.


Whelan, Debra Lau. “The Only Young School Librarian?” School Library Journal May 2003.

This is the story of a 23-year-old school librarian and her experiences in a profession that skews much older.


Young, Arthur and Steve Casburn. “Gen X Bites Back.” American Libraries Sept. 2004: 43-5.

The authors provide a response to the article below; a “conference call” between a GenX librarian and one of the study’s authors, talking about some concerns.


Young, Arthur, Peter Hernon, and Ronald Powell. “What Will Gen Next Need to Lead?” American Libraries May 2004: 33-5.

The authors report on a study they did of upper management at very large public and academic institutions, asking their views on the qualities that will be needed by “the next generation of library managers and leaders.




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