Sullo scaffale… Teenagers analyse their public library


Segnaliamo questo articolo sulla percezione e valutazione della biblioteca da parte degli adolescenti. Lo studio è stato condotto nella biblioteca comunale di Ala (TN)

Teenagers analyse their public library \ Corradini, Elena
New Library World, Volume 107, Numbers 11-12, 2006, pp. 481-498(18)

The purpose of this paper is to review some considerations about a small scale research study conducted in a small town in Northern Italy between December 2003 and April 2004, that gathered quantitative and qualitative data about adolescents aged 11 to 19 who answered 20 questions on their experiences, expectations and perspectives on library use and services. Design/methodology/approach – A quantitative-qualitative research method based on triangulation of data acquired was devised to increase reliability and validity of the survey. Findings – Teenagers have proved to be a demanding and challenging public, with clear ideas regarding innovation of services and implementation of resources. They believe that libraries are important place to find up-to-date information, and to discuss with peers. Research limitations/implications – The group participating in the survey was about 50 per cent on the total targeted population. Results show that surveys about library services can be of value in order to tailor services to actual and unexpressed needs of a target users’ group. Practical implications – The survey has provided grounds for discussions within different categories of stakeholders such as administrators, carers, educators, and librarians. The results show that maintenance and implementation of services should be founded both on theoretical principles and evidence based practice. Originality/value – There are still few examples of small scale research studies on teens’ experiences, expectations, and perspectives about library services and this paper shows that it is a valuable and rewarding challenge to embark in a target-oriented survey to explore users’ needs and satisfaction on services offered.

Keywords: Customer satisfaction; Customer surveys; Information services; Innovation; Italy; Public libraries; Youth

DOI: 10.1108/03074800610713307






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